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Regardless of Your Age and Without Being a Tech Genius 

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In a world increasingly dominated by AI, do you want an activity that increases your skills, income and confidence while preparing you for the future? 


Here's your gateway to success. 


The ChatGPT Trainer Prodigy Program (CTPP) is a self-paced online course and business kit designed for tech-savvy young people (aged 12+) that welcomes older folks, too. 

With our action plan, you'll embark on a 30-Day Challenge empowering you to¬†begin teaching ChatGPT classes to people of all ages by Week 4. The best part? You'll have full control over your¬†educational journey, with access to the¬†CTPP materials for 1 year. You can choose to follow the 30-Day Challenge or go at your own pace ‚Äď it's up to you.

Get ready to experience the meaning and fulfillment that comes from helping people to understand, access and get value from the revolutionary AI tool, ChatGPT. You'll be helping ensure that no community is left behind in the AI era. 

The AI Revolution: Threat or Opportunity? 


In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, AI is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. From chatbots to image generators, AI is reshaping the way we interact, work, and learn. But with this revolution comes a pressing question: Are you positioned to take advantage of AI's potential or will you be left behind? 

The Education Gap

While AI technologies like ChatGPT are groundbreaking, there's a significant gap in understanding and utilizing them effectively. Many are intrigued by AI's capabilities but feel intimidated and overwhelmed by its complexities. Moreover, with AI's growing influence, there's an urgent need for educators who can demystify this technology and guide others in leveraging its benefits.

The Missed Opportunity

Imagine a world where young minds are not just passive consumers of AI but active contributors, trainers, and entrepreneurs. A world where they don't just adapt to AI-driven changes but influence them. Sadly, many miss out on this opportunity due to a lack of guidance, resources, and confidence.

The Solution

We recognize the challenges and opportunities presented by AI. The ChatGPT Trainer Prodigy Program is not just about understanding this transformative AI tool; it's about empowering the next generation to become confident AI trainers and entrepreneurs. It's about seizing the AI opportunity, honing invaluable skills, and shaping the future.

 The ChatGPT Trainer Prodigy Roadmap


  • Lesson 1:¬†Adopting the Right Mindset

    Here we'll get you in the right mindset to succeed as a ChatGPT trainer. We'll help you get clear on your purpose, so you'll have the motivation to power through any challenges that come your way.


  • Lesson 2: Understanding ChatGPT

    Not yet familiar with ChatGPT? No problem. In this lesson, you'll dive into the transformative capabilities of this AI tool and the ethical considerations surrounding its use. 


  • Lesson 3: Perfecting Your Presentation

    We'll walk you through our well-proven ChatGPT presentation, ensuring you're well-equipped to use the slides to captivate audiences of all demographics. 


  • Lesson 4:¬†Demonstrating ChatGPT's Magic

    Learn to demonstrate ChatGPT's coolest features, leaving your audience in awe.


  • Lesson 5: Elevating Your Public Speaking Skills¬†

    We're excited to share our top tips and tricks, helping you connect with your audience and give them an unforgettable experience. 


  • Lesson 6: Marketing Your¬†Training Sessions¬†

    Now it's time to dive into the world of marketing, so you'll know how to get both individuals and small businesses to become your customers. 


  • Lesson 7: Pricing and¬†Managing¬†Sessions

    Next we'll walk you through the intricacies of pricing and event setup, so your training sessions will be profitable and well-run.


  • Lesson 8: Excelling at In-Person Trainings

    You'll learn best practices for delivering compelling in-person training sessions.  


  • Lesson 9: Mastering Virtual Trainings

    We'll guide you through the nuances of online training sessions, ensuring you deliver exceptional value when teaching via Zoom. 


  • Lesson 10: Tapping into B2B Opportunities

    Want to serve small businesses as well as individuals? We'll help you to hone your value proposition, customize your services, and secure B2B clients. 


  • Lesson 11: Embracing Continuous Growth

    You made it. You now have the knowledge, skills and confidence to start teaching ChatGPT classes. Let's make sure you obtain testimonials, refine your approach based on feedback, and stay updated with ChatGPT developments. 

In addition, the CTPP comes with these bonuses to make the whole process easier...


Bonus #1: One-on-One Coaching Calls with Sam

Get coached directly by the Gen AI Academy's co-founder, Sam Keller, during two 30-minute Zoom calls to get his eyes on your budding ChatGPT training business, get your questions answered, and drive consistent results.


Bonus #2: Mastering the Art of Free Media Coverage

Get a comprehensive guide to catalyze news articles about your innovative work teaching ChatGPT to people of all ages. Coverage like this will help build your following and sell out your classes.


Bonus #3: Support and Encouragement in a Private Community

For 60 days you can connect with fellow participants, alums and instructors in an exclusive online community where we pose questions, provide advice, share resources, and give each other encouragement. 


The CTPP empowers participants to...


Develop Communication Skills

Become an effective communicator, adept at engaging audiences and sharing knowledge.

Gain AI Expertise

Understand the uses, limitations, and downsides of AI technology, including neural networks and large language models

Hone Entrepreneurial Abilities

Equip yourself with the tools to manage and grow your own AI-training business.

Increase Confidence

Watch yourself flourish as you overcome challenges and train people of all ages to use ChatGPT.

Earn While You Learn

Generate income by training others, making this an attractive financial investment, unlike other extracurriculars.

Prepare for the Future

Lay the foundation for a successful path in technology and business, positioning yourself for the future

What Others Are Saying


 "Taking the Gen AI Academy's Trainer Prodigy Program was a great experience and has made me a confident ChatGPT trainer. Their course was very straightforward and helpful. Now I teach classes and make money, thanks to Sam and Kaz. I am grateful for such an amazing opportunity!" - Brady P., Age 12

"This course has not only equipped my son Brady with the knowledge and skills to teach others, but also ignited a passion to start earning his own money, contribute to our community, and empower others to utilize this amazing new technology. I have been impressed with the thoughtful way the course was designed, covering every aspect of successfully becoming a ChatGPT trainer. Another element that stood out was the excellent instructors and the high level of encouragement and support they have provided their students. Sam and Kaz seem genuinely invested in the success of their "prodigies" and this greatly contributed to my son's eagerness to complete the coursework and get started on teaching his first class. I haven't seen him this excited about something in a long time!" - Allison B., JD Harvard Law School

Meet the Instructors



Sam, a tech industry veteran and Harvard alum, joined forces with his 12-year-old son, Kaz, to create a 1-hour ChatGPT training class. Under Sam's guidance, Kaz has been independently training people of all ages through this 1-hour class, both in-person and via Zoom, as shown in the video above. This experience has significantly boosted Kaz's confidence, honed his entrepreneurial skills, increased his income, and deepened their father-son bond. Together, Sam and Kaz have developed a self-paced online course in Kajabi that is empowering people of all ages to deliver the 1-hour class themselves. Equipped with a turnkey business kit, participants have the opportunity to begin teaching classes in the first month. 

The Trainer Prodigy Program equips dedicated participants with impressive communication, entrepreneurship, and AI skills. 

Whether you dream of getting into a top-tier school, working in the tech industry, or running your own business, this program can help you to realize your potential. 

ChatGPT Trainer Prodigy Program



  • Four Modules¬†(14 lessons & assessments)
  • 14 Videos¬†(77.3 minutes)
  • Animated Presentation & Script (18 slides)
  • Marketing Plan
  • 30-Day Challenge Timeline
  • Two 30-Min One-On-One Coaching Sessions
  • 60-Day Community Access
  • The Art of Free Media Coverage
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The "No-Brainer" Gen AI Guarantee 


Signing up for a program like the CTPP is a big deal.

It's potentially life-altering.

But you also don't want to just throw money down the drain for a program that "might not work" or you "might never get to".

We get it. Trust us, we do.

That's why we want you to make a truly informed decision.

And you can only do that once you are on the inside, actually using the program.

Try it for 30 days. Consume all the content if you want. Take advantage of everything you can for 30 days. And if you don't feel like it's the perfect program to help you reach your goals then we will give you a full refund. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

In fact, if you want, we'll even review your situation and provide you with our recommended path forward so you can still make progress toward your goals, whether that's another program or just general advice. We want you to succeed even if it's outside of the Gen AI Academy!

In case we missed anything, here are some commonly asked questions...



ChatGPT Trainer Prodigy Program



  • Four Modules¬†(14 lessons & assessments)
  • 14 Videos¬†(77.3 minutes)
  • Animated Presentation & Script (18 slides)
  • Marketing Plan
  • 30-Day Challenge Timeline
  • Two 30-Min One-On-One Coaching Sessions
  • 60-Day Community Access
  • The Art of Free Media Coverage
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