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Meet the Father-Son Duo Pioneering New Forms of AI Education


We're Sam and Kaz Keller

A father-son team innovating AI education from the San Francisco Bay Area. Sam, a tech industry veteran and Harvard alum, directed teams at leading real estate technology firms, harnessing the power of machine learning and data science to drive innovation. Kaz, a 13-year-old engineering buff and member of the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, brings a youthful perspective on AI's potential. Together, they and a growing network of certified trainers from the Gen AI Academy, are empowering people of all ages to understand, access and get value from rapidly advancing AI tools. 


Our Philosophy

Mastering the power of AI is akin to harnessing a force of nature: it requires balance, wisdom, and a passion for learning. As we navigate the surge of AI breakthroughs, our goal is to empower individuals to not only ride these waves but also to shape their direction.

Our Offerings

We host a series of engaging workshops, unpacking the complexities of AI into fun, approachable lessons. At the heart of our mission is empowering individuals of all ages, from preteens to senior citizens, to become AI trainers themselves, thereby equipping them with the ability to earn money, hone skills, and serve their communities. 



Awareness and Ethics

We're deeply committed to highlighting both the potential and the pitfalls of AI technology. From its capacity to transform industries to the ethical challenges it poses, every aspect is covered. We go beyond the surface to delve into the potential dangers and risks that AI could pose, preparing our learners to make informed and ethical decisions. 

Final Thought

AI is like a wave - a powerful current holding the potential for both creation and disruption. Our mission is to equip every learner with the skills and knowledge to navigate this wave, reaping the positive aspects and mitigating the negative potentialities. 

See For Yourself: The Media Buzz


Discover the story of a 12-year-old prodigy, Kaz Keller, who's impressing the Bay Area with his command of AI. Witness how he and his father, Sam Keller, are educating their community about ChatGPT and AI, discussing not just the transformative potential, but also emphasizing the need for awareness of its potential dangers.



Dive into how Kaz Keller, a seventh-grader, is demystifying ChatGPT for adults and peers alike. From lively seminars to practical applications, Kaz and Sam Keller are making AI accessible and understandable to their community.



Explore the journey of young Kaz Keller as he navigates the world of AI, delivering seminars that enlighten and inspire. Alongside his father, they're driving conversations around AI, its potential, and the importance of ethical use.



One of the world's foremost female business leaders, Sarah Friar, CEO of Nextdoor, highlights 12-year-old Kaz Keller's neighborhood AI classes about ChatGPT, promoted on Nextdoor by his father. Starting from home, the popular classes expanded to a community center. The posts commend Kaz's influence and advocate for supporting youth engaging with new technologies.



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