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12-Year-Old's AI Innovation Sparks Discussion on Ethics and Technology

Jul 13, 2023

In the quiet hum of a summer Sunday afternoon, something extraordinary unfolded in our living room. My 12-year-old son Kaz was preparing to offer advisory services to an executive from one of the world's largest tech firms. The task at hand? To harness the power of AI to enhance productivity in written content generation. The result? A fascinating breakthrough that has implications far beyond the realm of tech.

Kaz applied his knowledge of computer coding and ChatGPT to create a unique application. Using the paid version of ChatGPT, he developed "WriterGPT," a tool designed to mimic any writing style with uncanny accuracy. 

The method involved feeding WriterGPT with training data in the form of writing samples. The AI then learned and replicated the writing style contained in those samples. The result was convincing enough to bypass even the most advanced AI detectors currently available.

Kaz tested WriterGPT by having it mimic his own writing style. The output was so authentic that it even fooled his own father! This experiment illuminated an important point: AI detectors are not a reliable method for schools and universities to determine if a piece of writing was crafted by a human or an AI.

More than a technological breakthrough, Kaz's project with WriterGPT underscores the ethical dimensions of AI's evolution. It's a call to action: we must create incentives for the ethical use of AI and craft effective regulations across legislative bodies, executive branches, and educational systems. This is vital to uphold truth, authenticity, trust, fairness, and justice in the rapidly advancing AI era.


[To stay abreast of Kaz's work with AI, subscribe to his YouTube channel, Kaz Explains Tech.]  



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