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Ten Ways ChatGPT is Helping Seniors

Sep 22, 2023

Since Kaz has been teaching so many senior citizens, I've put together a list of common ways that older folks are using and benefiting from ChatGPT. I've also included sample language ("prompts") that one can paste into ChatGPT for each use case. 

  1. Easily Produce Written Content: From drafting a letter to a congressperson, penning a complaint to an airline, writing a heartfelt condolence letter, to creating a poem for a special occasion, ChatGPT is assisting seniors in articulating their thoughts eloquently. Sample prompt: "Please draft a letter to my congressperson to urge them to [briefly describe the recommended action]."  
  2. Tech Support: Navigating the digital world can sometimes be challenging. ChatGPT is providing guidance on using gadgets, apps, and websites, making technology more accessible. Sample prompt: "I'm having trouble with my iPhone. Please guide me on its basic functions."
  3. Social Media Guidance: From setting up profiles to understanding privacy settings, ChatGPT is guiding seniors through the basics of social media, helping them connect with loved ones and the world. Sample prompt: "I'm new to Facebook. Please guide me on setting up a profile."
  4. Instant Information: Whether it's a historical event, a recipe, or general knowledge, ChatGPT is providing seniors with quick info on a wide range of topics. Sample topic: "I'd like to learn about the history of the Eiffel Tower. Please give me an overview."
  5. Health and Wellness Tips: While not a replacement for medical advice, ChatGPT is offering health and wellness info. Sample prompt: "Please summarize the best non-medical ways to treat [insert ailment]." 
  6. Brain Games and Puzzles: Keeping the mind sharp is crucial. ChatGPT is introducing seniors to a variety of brain games, quizzes, and puzzles, offering entertainment and cognitive stimulation. Sample prompt: "I'd like to challenge my mind so please engage with me with fun brain teasers and riddles."
  7. Digital Companionship: Combatting loneliness, ChatGPT is engaging in meaningful conversations, providing folks with a sense of connection and companionship anytime they desire. Sample prompt: "Let's do a story completion about [insert story topic]." 
  8. Language Learning and Translation: Whether rekindling a passion for a previously learned language or starting anew, ChatGPT is aiding in language learning and providing general translations based on its training data. Sample prompt: "I want to practice my French. Please help me with some basic conversational phrases."
  9. Engaging in Thought Experiments: Seniors are using ChatGPT to debate on various topics, explore hypothetical scenarios, and even reflect on philosophical questions, stimulating critical thinking and keeping their minds active. Sample prompt: "Debate with me as if you were [insert name of famous person]." 
  10. Personalized Entertainment: Whether it's recommending a classic movie, suggesting a genre of music, or introducing a book, ChatGPT is curating entertainment options based on individual preferences and its training data. Sample prompt: "Please recommend some critically acclaimed [insert movie type] from the 1960s." 

From our vantage point, as ChatGPT is becoming incorporated into the daily lives of seniors, it's not only offering novel solutions but also enhancing their overall quality of life.

So far, so good!



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